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How It Works

A/C Experts Say:

  • Changing your filters is the #1 way to protect the life of your air conditioner.
  • Regular replacement can reduce electricity costs by 10-15%.

MERV 8 Air Filters
Replacement Air Filters Delivered Directly to Your Door, Automatically!

What Does MERV 8 Mean?

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is the industry-standard rating system used to measure the effectiveness of air conditioner filters. MERV 8 is the highest rating in the "Better Residential" category of filters.

On Time Air Filters Offers Two Types of MERV 8 Filter

Standard MERV 8 Filter
"Best for Pets"
Odor-Eliminating MERV 8 Filter
MERV 8 Efficiency Rating MERV 8 Efficiency Rating
High-Quality Pleated Filter High-Quality Pleated Filter
Made in the USA Made in the USA
Removes 70-85% of mold, pollen, dust and similar particles. Removes 70-85% of mold, pollen, dust and similar particles.
No odor filtration Activated carbon removes odors from pets, tobacco smoke, etc.

Should I Consider Other MERV Ratings?

Indoor air quality is really important, and medical experts recommend using filters rated at least MERV 8. Filters without a MERV rating, or rated MERV 4 or less, have been shown to have the same effect as using no filter at all.

While MERV 8 provides an excellent level of filtration, anyone sensitive to asthma or allergies should consider a higher rating. We also offer MERV 11 filters (our "Best" quality level), which removes a higher percentage of airborne particles.

Breathe Clean Air All Year Long with Subscription Filter Delivery

Air filters are only effective if they are changed regularly (doctors recommend every 2-3 months). Subscription filter delivery makes improving indoor air quality easy and hassle-free.

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