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Information about Merv 13 air filters

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Selecting the right home air filter -- Merv 13

MERV 13 filters are high efficiency filters typically used insituations requiring very clean air such as hospitals, general operating rooms and clean air-sensitive commercial buildings.  MERV 13 are rarey appropriate for the typical home HVAC system.  These filters have a very high initial air flow resistance that increases as the filter collects dirt and dust.  The air flow restriction imposed by a MERV 13 filter is ofter far too high for most home HVAC systems and could lead to system damage.  Accordingly, we do not recommend these filters for typical home use and do not offer them at On Time Air Filters. Instead, we recommend Merv 8 filters and Merv 11 filters.


Learn more about the MERV air filter rating system or Ask Merv if you would like expert information to help you select your replacement air filters.


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