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How does it Work?

Replacing Your Air Filters with On Time Air Filters

  1. Pick Your Filters
  2. Coose the Quality
  3. Tell Us How Often
  4. Start Service and Relax

On Time Air Filters delivery program ensures you replace your filters on time

Looking for replacement air filters? On Time Air Filters can help.


On Time Air Filters ensures that your fresh and clean filters are delivered to your home on your schedule. Regular filter replacement offers important benefits for you:

  • Ensures clean air in your home, reducing allergens
  • Lowers your heating and air-conditioning bills
  • Keeps your heating and air-conditioning units cleaner
  • Protects your major investments with on-time maintenance


On Time Air Filters offers industry-leading Merv 8 and Merv 11 pleated air filters, the products HVAC manufacturers recommend.


Getting started is simple and costs about the same as you would pay to visit your local hardware store and purchase your replacement air filters. And it's far less hassle.


Just click on the "get started" arrow below, tell us how many filters you have, name each filter, pick your quality level and your delivery schedule.  Leave the rest to us!