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Air Filters to Control Pet Odors

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Control pet odors and other household odors with carbon activated home air filters

Do you have cats and dogs at home that contribute to the overall happiness but also the overall scents of your home?


Do you enjoy painting, varnishing, or other activities that lend their own special aroma to your home air?


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We at On Time Air Filters have your answer to help alleviate unwanted home odors using state-of-the-art carbon-activated pleated home air filters.  Our carbon-activated filters are high efficiency MERV 8 filters, pleated to offer you industry-leading air filtration, keep your HVAC units cleaner, and improve your home air quality. But there's more, our carbon activated filters also will help reduce unwanted odors throughout your home, and they are sized, installed, and replaced on schedule just like a standard home air filter.


On Time Air Filters offers hundreds of standard home air filter sizes as well as custom sizes and many whole house replacement air filters enhanced with activated carbon to help remove pet and other odors from your home.


Our Best for Pets air filters are carbon impregnated disposable pleated filters that can be installed in virtually any HVAC system.  Place your activated carbon home air filter order with us and never have to remember to change your filters again.  Our automatic shipping service is designed to make clean, odor-free air a no-worry proposition.  Just choose your size, tell us how often you'd like to change your filters and leave the rest to us.  


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Why do we care about carbon-activated home air filters to control pet odors at home? Meet Daisy, our 5-year-old English setter and an aroma factory on those days we allow her to flush out ducks in the creek (really, swamp) behind our house.



Daisy runs for miles every morning...through wet grass, ponds, creeks and all manner of smelly vegetation.  You can imagine the scent of adventure she brings into the house.  Activated carbon air filters remove Daisy's wet dog scents and quite a few others, including odors from cooking, home projects, and cigarette smoke.


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