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How does it Work?

Replacing Your Air Filters with On Time Air Filters

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  2. Coose the Quality
  3. Tell Us How Often
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It's a breeze to replace your air filters on time

Replacing your air filters with On Time Air Filters is a breeze.



Save yourself the hassle of tracking down air filters. Rely on to send you exactly the right filters, exactly when you need them. OTAF frees up your memory for more important things, like work deadlines and kids’ basketball schedules, giving you one less thing to worry about in your crowded life. It’s a priceless convenience—at a very convenient price. In fact, with On Time Air Filters, you are likely to save money on energy bills and maintenance. Plus, your air filters will stay fresh, clean and effective, and that’s very good news—for your home, your family, your heating and air-conditioner units, the earth, and your energy bills.


You can subscribe to On Time Air Filters if you live in the United States. It’s easy to start your air filter subscription online, and you’ll have the ease of managing your subscription online at your convenience. If you would prefer to speak with an OTAF team member call us at 800-247-0566.


Ensuring your air filters are as clean as the air in your home takes four easy steps:


Start the Air Filter Wizard Now



Pick Your Filters







Step 1: Tell us about your air filters.


All we need to know is how many air filters you have in your home and what size(s) they are.


This may take you a minute or two, but after you enter these details, the will be securely locked and loaded with your OTAF subscription—imagine never having to track down these numbers again!


We also will ask you to “name” each filter. Use names that will make it easy for you to remember where your new air filters go in your home when they arrive by mail.



Choose the Quality







Step 2: Choose Your Quality


Now’s your chance to choose your quality level. After consulting with experts across the industry, OTAF offers a “better” and “best” option, both of which are generally accepted for most air conditioning and heating units manufactured in the last 20 years.


We do not offer anything below a MERV 8 filter, and all our filters are of the pleated variety. Why? Because pleated air filters with a minimum MERV 8 rating will deliver the benefits promised by the OTAF service: cleaner home air quality, greater efficiency, and both short-and long-term cost savings.



Our highest rated filter is MERV 11. Why? Because MERV 11 is at the upper limit of efficiency that is appropriate for most homes. Experts say that for most home systems, efficiency ratings higher than MERV 11 are overkill, and potentially harmful to your HVAC systems.


Our “better” option is a MERV 8 filter, which provides superior efficiency at an economical price. This filter is constructed of 100% synthetic media with 10 pleats per foot and sturdy die-cut beverage board frame. MERV 8 means this filter will filter on average over 90% of the particles between 3.0 and10.0 microns. This includes pollen, carpet and textile dust, mold, spores, hair spray, fabric protector, dusting aids, and cement dust.


Our “best” option is a MERV 11 filter, which offers the highest efficiency level appropriate for most homes. This filter is constructed of 100% synthetic media with 14.3 pleats per foot and sturdy-die cut beverage board frame. MERV 11 means this filter will filter on average over 95% of the particles between 1.0 and 3.0 microns. This includes pollen, carpet and textile dust, mold, spores, auto emissions, flour, and humidifier dust.


In limited sizes, we also offer a “best for pets” filter, which is a MERV 8 filter and is identical to our “better” filter but with the added feature of activated carbon media to absorb pet and other odors in your home. The activated carbon media removes a wider range of odors, and the MERV 8 rating means goodbye to all but the tiniest of particles.



Tell Us How Often







Step 3: Tell us how often to ship your replacement filters.


Air filter and systems manufacturers recommend replacement of MERV 8 and MERV 11 filters every three months, your default choice at OTAF. You can adjust your delivery timeframe. Consider more frequent air filter replacement for your furnace or air conditioning filters based on factors like pets, allergies, dust, frequency of use, age of system, age of home, and number of family members.



Start Service and Relax!







Step 4: Finalize your payment method.


Before you start your service, you have one more decision. OTAF offers you the option of receiving and paying for filter shipments on the schedule you set. Your regular shipment charge will be initiated on your credit card or whatever payment method you elect. You also have the option of prepaying for 12 months of filter deliveries on the replacement schedule you set. If you prepay for a year of service, your annual delivery cost will be discounted 10%.

Enter your credit card or pay by PayPal. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the endless benefits of On Time Air Filters.


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