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Greening your Home with Efficient Home Insulation

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Help your HVAC units and air filters run better

Department of Energy studies indicate that up to 50% of the heat loss experienced in the average home occurs through the ceiling.  Warm air rises, of course, so the heated air in your home tends to migrate to the attic.


You can reduce that heat loss, and reduce heat gain in the summer months, by adding another layer of home insulation in the attic. Increasing your insulation will result in more heated air retained in your home for a longer period of time.  This will reduce the number of cycles your furnace or heat pump will need to maintain a specific temperature.  This will in turn reduce your energy consumption, reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC systems and ultimately save you a lot more than the insulation cost.


If you're looking at addressing the inefficiencies in your home and "greening your home" with new, highly efficient home insulation, be sure to keep your HVAC units in top working condition by keeping them clean.  The key to clean air conditioning and heating units in your home is frequent replacement of your home air filters. Learn about On Time Air Filters Air Filter Replacement Delivery program today!