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How does it Work?

Eliminate Smoke & Tobacco Odors

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Smells Like a Smoker In Here!

When you walk into a smoker's home, its obvious.  Tobacco smoke from cigarettes and pipes is long-lasting and permeates furniture and carpets.  Our carbon-activated "Best for Pets" filters absorbs smoke and stops it from recirculating through your home.

Carbon-Activated "Best for Pets" Filters Remove Tobacco Odors

Our carbon-activated filters (what we call our "Best for Pets" option) are pre-treated with carbon.  Carbon naturally absorbs tobacco and other smelly particles, trapping them inside your air conditioner filter.  This stops them from being blown out your AC vents and back into your carpet, furniture and lungs.

Delivered as Often as You Want, On Time

Once you order from On Time Air Filters, just tell us how often you want to replace your filters, and we'll do all the work. We remember your sizes and we'll ship you out new filters automatically, as often as you specify.  Filters will come labeled so you'll know exactly where they go - no measuring!  It's a great, hassle-free, way to make sure you're breathing clean air, hassle free.

HELP!  A Smoker Lived Here!

If you've moved into a smoky house or apartment, carbon-activated filters are a great way to quickly eliminate that smell.  We recommend intense treatment, replacing the filter every month to maximize the carbon effect.  Once the smoke smell is gone, give us a call and we'll reduce the frequency of your shipments.

Reduce Odor and Improve Your Health

When you inhale that smoky smell, you're breathing in tobacco particles.  While this isn't as bad as first or second-hand smoke, why breathe any more than necessary?  Whether or not you're a smoker, improving your home air quality helps improve long function and reduces the damage caused by cancerous cigarette smoke.

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On Time Air Filters is a subscription air filter delivery service.

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