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How does it Work?

Custom Air Filters at On Time Air Filters

  1. Pick Your Filters
  2. Coose the Quality
  3. Tell Us How Often
  4. Start Service and Relax

We ship almost any air filter size within 48 hours!

Custom air filters...what a pain!  They are tough to find.  You have to buy 12 at a time.  They take weeks to arrive.  Right? Not anymore!


See our long list of custom and odd-sized air filters that we call standard!


On Time Air Filters usually ships your custom air filters within 48 hours of receiving your order.  And you only buy what you need right now.  After you order, we'll automatically ship your custom air filters to you based on the replacement schedule you will set in your order.  You'll never forget to change your air filters again.  And you'll never have to spend your valuable time searching for tough-to-find custom air filters ever again.


To get started, make sure you know the exact sizes.  Measure not once but twice.  Check out our How to Measure page for information on how to measure your filters.  You can check out our On Time's Standard Filter Sizes. Then just contact us here or give us a call at 800-247-0566.  We'll set up your custom air filters on our site so that you can complete your order and start receiving your custom air filters right away.  Simple!