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How does it Work?

Closing Gift Program For Realtors and Real Estate Professionals

  1. Pick Your Filters
  2. Coose the Quality
  3. Tell Us How Often
  4. Start Service and Relax

A Closing Gift Designed for Continuous Contact

A gift of an On Time Air Filters subscription isn't just a gift of hassle-free clean air - it's an opportunity for you to stay connected with your clients. Every time they receive a box of new air filters - they'll also receive an e-mail message reminding them that they're a gift, courtesy of you. We can also send you a reminder with each shipment in case you want to send your own follow-up note.

Your Clients Will Love It

On Time Air Filters is a subscription delivery service for home air filters. A subscription makes your clients' lives easier by eliminating an annoying and tedious chore of home maintenance. You're also giving a gift that helps them protect their investment, lower their electric bills and breathe clean air.

How It Works

  1. Find out the dimensions of your customers' air filters. This is especially easy to do during the home inspection.
  2. Decide how often you want to have replacement filters sent (we recommend every 3 months).
  3. Decide how long a subscription you want to give (we recommend 6 months or 1 year).
  4. Contact our Closing Gift Department and we'll take care of the rest.
  5. Every few months, your customers will receive a brand new box of replacement air filters. We'll also send them an e-mail message telling them that their filters are on their way - courtesy of you. If you'd like, we can also send you a reminder to send a follow-up note.

Tailored To Your Budget, Discounts Available

You can select the length of time and the frequency to match your target budget. Just tell our Closing Gift Specialists how much you'd like to spend and they'll calculate the perfect gift for your clients. Pay up front or spread the payments out with each shipment - it's up to you!

We love working with Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Brokers. When you contact our Closing Gift specialists, make sure to ask about our industry discounts.

Ready to Get Started?

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