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Carbon Activated Air Filters Control Odors

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Minimize dog and cat odors with MERV 8 Carbon Activated Filters

An activated carbon air fiter is popular product that helps filter particulate matter and ameliorate odors at home. Activated carbon air filters provide relief from odors from cigarettes, food preparation, vehicle exhaust, and pets and animals. On Time's activated carbon air filter’s dual layer media is pleated to substantially increase the filter surface. Each filter is individually sealed to prevent odor adsorption from occurring during shipment or storage. This filter contains 200 grams per square meter of 60% activity carbon, and is electrostatically charged to provide a MERV-8 performance.


On Time Air Filters offers carbon activated air filters in certain sizes with a Merv 8 rating. You can learn more about the Merv filter rating system and Ask Merv and get expert advice on selecting your home air filter.


We offer our MERV 8 Carbon Activated Filter as our "Best for Pets" Quality level.

Merv 8 carbon activated filter

Merv 8 Best for Pets Carbon Activated Filter


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