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24 x 36 x 1 HVAC Air Filters

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We carry 24 x 36 x 1 air filters as a standard size!

Most big box home improvement centers, retailers and local hardware stores carry only a few HVAC air filter sizes in stock.  You can order custom, non-standers air filter sizes but you'll have to order at least a dozen that usually take several weeks to arrive, and you may still forget to replace your air filters on a regular schedule.  You'll have the same problem with buying filters in bulk from online retailers.  How do you remember to replace them?


Not only does On Time Air Filters have those hard-to-find air filter sizes in stock, we also ship you filters to you automatically on your schedule.  This serves as your reminder that it is time to replace the old dirty filters.  What could be easier?


And one more thing...if you need a really unusual filter size that we don't carry in stock, we can have your air filter size custom made to your specifications.  The additional cost is small, under $5 per filter, and we can usually ship your custom filters within 48 hours!


Stop wasting time running from one store to the next without finding the air filters you need.  Stop forgetting to change your air filters because your just too busy.  Place your order with On Time Air Filters then sit back and relax!



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